• Day 16: Tuesday

    We got up early, broke camp and got into town by 8:00 AM where we had breakfast at a Denny’s. Then we went to the train depot, located the contact Larry had made, and got our tickets for half price. Fortunately, the train was not full. It was a very comfortable ride. We learned a lot from the narration given by the conductor. The train followed a small stream through a redwood forest that lacked any old growth. The train was originally for loggers who cut redwoods. At one point we saw a tree with a cut about 10 or 15 feet above ground that had a board sticking out of it. Loggers stood on this board to cut the tree down and leave the high stump.

    One interesting note: As a train approaches a crossing, the engineer sounds the horn in a Morse Code sequence for the letter Q. This is two longs, a short and a long. It’s federal law that any train sounds this sequence when it approaches a crossing. The Q is for quarter, as in “can give no quarter” because it can’t stop!

    On the return trip, Dave attempted to take some photos, but even though the train only traveled 15 mph at top speed, the pictures came out blurred. As it turned out, he was standing next to a distinguished couple they had noticed before, so he leaned over and asked her what speed she was using on her camera. This simple question turned into a long conversation with the couple for the rest of the trip. Dave wanted to give them a business card but it was in an extra wallet he lost somewhere early in the trip, so Larry gave them a card. John and Mia were very pleasant and interesting. We have since heard from them via email.

    After the train ride, we traveled down Highway 1 along the California coast. It had many tight curves and at one point the vertical drop down to the ocean was nearly a thousand feet. It wasn't straight down but it was mighty steep. We took a road inland that also had a lot of curves until we found ourselves in Napa Valley. We found another Motel 6 near the southern end of Napa and had a late supper in a Burger King.


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