• Day 17: Wednesday

    We had been loaned two different GPS devices, one was from barbershop chum Rick Ives, the other from Daves daughter. Her’s was newer and had more features so we used that in the beginning. Every time we turned off the route, the woman’s voice scolded us with “re-cal-cu-lat-ing” and told us what we should do to get back on track. We began calling her Millie. Well, dear Millie froze up at the Columbia River, although we don’t think it was the chilly river that did it. We tried disconnecting the cord and removing the battery but it just proclaimed “kernal error.” So on Day 8, it was Ricks GPS that got us to my cousin’s house where his son-in-law got on the Internet and found a way to do a hard reboot on the Garmin. It worked, so by the end of day 10 we had Millie back on our backs.

    Dave would drive along following the map on Millie while older Geezer Larry tracked us on the old fashioned AAA map. Pretty soon Larry would say, “We’re on the wrong road,” or “We’re going the wrong way,” or something like that. Dave would drive merrily on, watching Millie until Larry said, “Bingo! We’re right on track.”

    This problem was compounded as we drove across the Sacramento Valley and Millie chose a route that was probably shorter but not the route we’d marked on the map. Larry was worried because he didn’t know where we were, but Dave kept following Millie, ignoring Larry’s demands to “turn here,” or “We’re going the wrong way.” Soon we hit a junction to the highway Larry wanted us to be on and everything was okay as we headed towards the mountains. The road became more curvy and then the curves got tighter as we climbed up over 5,000 feet. It was getting late so we began searching for a camp ground. When we spotted a ranger station, we stopped there. It was closed, but Larry managed to attract the attention of ranger Jen, a young lady who gave him directions to the Sweetwater Camp Ground that turned out to be pretty nice.

    After we set up the tent, we fixed supper over our campfire – chili beans for Larry and hot dogs for Dave. . . reminiscent of a scene from Blazing Saddles!


Great Geezer Getaway II

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