• Day 18: Thursday

    Our breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast was very good. We broke camp and hit the road by 9:00AM to follow another winding road to the entrance and went on to the Yosemite Valley. It is an impressive place. One wonders what it would be like to wander into it with no other people around. As it is, all the places tourists can go are tromped down and unnatural, but the sights are breathtaking. We stopped for photos three times, and of course, made some friends. Dave lamented the fact that he’d lost his wallet with GGG and Broadcast business cards in it. Larry handed out the cards, which incidentally, were Dave’s extra cards he’d stashed in the car.

    We said goodbye to Yosemite and used Millie to find Tioga road. She had a hiccup as we turned onto the road, but this time it was reset by simply removing and reinstalling the battery. Tioga Road is in Yosemite Park and it goes through some impressive scenery. There’s a lot of granite up there, and some of the mountains look like they’re solid granite. Dave was eying his half tank of gas and asked Larry how much of Tioga Pass was in the park.

    Now we occasionally have some discussions, and sometimes they get a bit exuberant, but not often. . . no more than four or five times a day. It is usually over a miscommunication regarding semantics or some kind of definition.

    This is what happened here. Larry was thinking of the pass as the point that is the highest part of the route, which may be technically correct, while Dave was thinking of the pass as the entire route that goes over the Sierras, which is probably the common understanding. So Larry, studying the AAA map, said the pass wasn’t in the park. Dave was driving over a winding road, glancing at the map and saying that he could plainly see that the pass was going through the park.

    Hey, we’re still friends, and we eventually found the problem in our communication. True, the last climb of the pass is outside the park, but only the last couple of miles. Still inside the park is a large, mountain lake, the water of which can’t be more than 40 degrees. There were hundreds of cars parked along the road where it passed the lake and there were a few people swimming in that clear, glacier water. Well, they were young, but they had to be nuts too!

    Dave had previously used Google Earth to scope out the campgrounds on the east side of Tioga Road, so we drove straight to the campground and set up camp. We had two talkative neighbors, one a lone man, a couple of years younger than us, who had an RV and a motorcycle. He camped there and used the motorcycle to go around and see nearby sights. On the other side of us was a family from Germany. The man spoke fair English and his teen aged daughter spoke more. We played tour guides as we told them all the sights to see around their future destination of Las Vegas – other than the Strip.

    Dave suggested that we go to Lee Vining for supper that evening, so we did. It was only about five miles away, near Mono Lake. We went to the same restaurant we went to on our second day for breakfast. The owner showed us to a booth and Dave asked her if she remembered us from 18 days earlier. “We left a card.” he said. Larry chimed in with, “We’re the Great Geezer Getaway Guys.”

    Her reply​? “Yes and you left your wallet here too." So Dave got his wallet back, even though it didn’t contain anything important.

    After supper we returned to the campground and the German neighbor rushed up to show us a picture of what we’d missed while we were gone. A bear had appeared and tried to catch some fish in the stream about twenty feet from our camp. The host said it was a gentle bear that never caused a problem unless someone left food out when they went to bed. We locked everything in the car each night.


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